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Dated: 06/09/2017

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I have run into some pretty scary and weird stuff being a Realtor in Fort Worth Texas.  These however is a compilation of stories shared from the web. 

1.  Cat Lady

Not a realtor, but when I was viewing houses, one of the women whose house we looked at owned a bunch of cats that she obviously didn't clean up after. One of her cats, she admitted, peed on her front door so many times that the entire door was rotted. It was a white door, but 3 feet of it from the bottom was stained brown from piss. The house itself was covered in hair. It looked like she didn't vacuum in 10 years, there were inches of hair on her furniture. The house itself was pretty large, but it reeked of pee so bad that our realtor ran out in the middle of the showing and started coughing and spitting into her lawn. He said he tasted piss in his mouth so strongly from the scent that he couldn't even hold in his dignity anymore.

He (the realtor) was also Chinese American. When we finally found a house through him, he came over one night and made us homemade wonton soup from scratch. Best thing ever, he was awesome despite his lapse of professionalism (which we could hardly blame him for).

2.  Divorcing Couples are the best clients 

Not me, but while my mom was in the process of divorcing my stepdad, my stepdad decided to live in the house whereas my mom moved to an apartment. The realtor called up my mom on 3 different occasions to tell her what my step dad had done.

  1. He had taken the For Sale sign out of the ground and into the house in hopes that the realtor would not show the house since there was no sign.

  2. He answered the door in a towel while the realtor was with a client and trying to open the door with her key.

  3. When the realtor showed up, he was sitting on the front porch wearing only a pair of khaki shorts. He let the realtor and her client into the house, but proceeded to follow them around and dump all his marital woes on them.

Despite all this, the realtor managed to still sell the house. I never met the woman, but she sounds like one of the best realtors in the world.

3.  Pet Snakes 

A house my parents were looking to buy was inhabited by a bunch of snakes and live rats/mice. I guess the story goes that the previous owners had pythons and fed them live rodents. Needless to say, they multiplied and took over the house. My parents did not end up buying that house

I found these stories on Reddit and will add more if you like what you read.  

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