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How do you know?

In life like in real estate, when you know you know.  What do I mean by that?  Go back to that time when you knew that your gut instinct was right.  It can be as simple as knowing the answer to the test, that freethrow that you knew you were going to make, or as life changing  as knowing when you set eyes on that one special person.  I believe that we have been created with a remarkable gift of a sixth sense/gut feeling.  Have you ever made a bad choice?  Who hasn't? Then immediately after that decision you say to yourself "You should not have done that, you should have listened to your gut".  

When I get asked the question, "What sets you apart from other realtors?"  What sets me apart? There are over 30k realtors in the DFW market.  I finally got the answer, what sets me apart from the rest is that I know beyond doubt that people make up their minds within seconds of meeting someone if they like them, if they click, if they trust them.  That is what sets me apart, can you trust me, do we click?  

The look on my clients faces whenever they walk into the house that will become their home says it all.  I don't even have to ask if they like it, because they already know "This is the ONE" this will be my home.  My friends, let me be your realtor, let me be "The ONE" that gets you into your home.  

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