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Your Stress-Free Guide to Shopping for Home LoansWith this super-simple breakdown of loan types, you won’t get overwhelmed — you’ll find the right mortgage.

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Realtor Story From The Mountain Side

In Dallas/Fort Worth we have our fair share of wildlife, thankfully I have not encountered anything more than a snake.  Let me share this story of a fellow realtor in a area with bears: I

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Sticker Shock

Well the time we feared in Fort Worth has happened.  It is now close to impossible to find a decent home for under 130k.  Never fear that is why I am here as well as my fellow realtors at

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How Much Do School Districts Affect Real Estate Prices

When people buy a home, a number of factors influence their decision. The look of the home, as well as its size, layout, age, and proximity to amenities are all important, depending on the.

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